Catalog Number tws-56-0014

Video 16. The Spy and Fancy Dress. Video16 features Molly Winters from video 15. Molly plays a spy looking through Smileys office. Smiley surprises her and a sword fight ensues. Smiley uses his sword to rip off Mollys clothes. The skit has two endings. One with Molly getting the upper hand and the second with some wig play. The second skit features Molly in fancy dress teasing the audience with a pie. She pies herself and is then pied by Smiley. This site was created to emphasize pantyhose…foot and pie in the face fetishes in a slapstick style. Fans of playful clothes tearing and strip tease will not be disappointed either. We started making the videos because there did not seem to be too many other sites that involved these fetishes in the way we desired. We figured there might be others interested in the same subject. The videos feature females in silly…sexy situations with slapstick humor reminiscent of the 3 stooges…70s variety shows and 50s pinups. These are those silent comedy capers…complete with great sound effects and ragtime piano…but with stellar naked girls. Benny Hill would be proud. The videos do feature full nudity but there are no hardcore activities on our videos. If you like lots of girls and gags…with a couple of pies too…These scenes are right up your ally. YOU CAN ALSO CHECK OUT FREE LOW RESOLUTION SAMPLE VIDEOS FROM THESE SCENES AT THE ORIGINAL SILLYFILMS.COM WEBSITE. Look for the link at the top of the stores main page.

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